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Any chance of resurrecting the old "StretchMame32"

PostPosted: Mon Dec 09, 2002 4:34 pm
by Kurgan
Hey, I know that the official Mame32 has been using the "hardware stretch+blit effects" stuff for a long time now... but how hard would it be to add in (just as an option, not taking away the other stuff) the old "effects" that StretchMame32 was famous for.

I hope people know what I mean.. but basically the graphics themselves were a little bit "pixelated" and then the scanlines (which were uniform, rather than.... um... "bandy" like the ones in Mame32 with hardware stretch currently). I always thought they looked a LOT better (ie: more like an arcade machine) than what we've got now.

It was a little like Final Burn's stretch+50% scanlines, if that helps.

Anyhow, just something I've wondered about. I liked being able to stretch the image to full screen, but not have it all blurred up, and get scanlines that are even and uniform, rather than seeing big thick bands ever couple of inches on the screen.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 09, 2002 4:35 pm
by Kurgan
And yes, I KNOW you can currently get perfect scanlines in Mame32, but the image isn't stretched (you still get black bars all around it), and it also still looks worse than StretchMame32's version of it (IMHO). ; )

PostPosted: Fri Dec 13, 2002 2:43 am
by Kurgan
Now, I see that I can almost get it the way I want it using the current official mame32.

I guess the secret is to force the resolution to 1024x768 (to match my monitor's desktop res), triple buffering, hardware stretch and 75% scanlines for all games by default (a few games still don't like it though and look wrong), along with fullscreen, match game refresh rate, and force aspect ratio.

In shots of games where you have a solid color, you can still see the odd banding effects, but overall, its pretty close.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 25, 2002 12:03 pm
by Kurgan
It would be nice if mame32 had some kind of settings filtering system (like the arcade@home frontend for dosmame)... I had to change all the vector/polygon games by hand (too slow/crappy looking with scanlines and stretch)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 25, 2002 2:54 pm
by toqer
merry christmas bro :P

PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, 2002 10:19 am
by Kurgan
You too, thanks!

It's been a merry one too, only trouble is I'm stuck here on vacation with no DVD player(!).

Dang kids broke all the PS2's in town too....!!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2003 3:19 am
by Kurgan
Well, I was excited to try out TFR's latest mame32k, but I was saddened that my machine can't handle 2x Zoom (the only way to get scanlines) plus hardware stretch and scanlines.

I mean TMNT runs great, but Final Fight is a pitiful 14% speed : (

At least with the official mame32k it runs fine.

And what about steadykey support? I miss it!

Though I'm glad to have the release, don't get me wrong. ; )