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PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2003 6:48 am
by N45800
Bannister, one of the macs best EMU porters (w/ around 30 EMU ports), says
" - Network play. Disproportionate amount of development for relatively low usage value (i.e. it would be useless without broadband). If a Mac version of Kaillera does appear I will add support for it. "
in the forums, topic "Idea for Richard"

Wouldn't this show that some people think that this is a GOOD idea to port to mac? Maybe even ask a mac developer to port it! If the code is in C then it should be relatively easy to port.

Oh, wine only works on PCs.


PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2003 3:34 pm
by link3680

Please listen, developers. It's all your choice in the end, but it would be VERY great if you made the ports. I'm sure a lot of people want one too.

:angel: It would be great if you made one!!!!! :P 8) :drinking:

PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, 2003 9:40 am
by agumon
They should also make an SunOS port !

PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2003 7:53 pm
by wonderl33t
Sounds like if you just make an SDK for Mac, Bannister will implement?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2003 11:07 am
by agumon
Don't hold your breath.....

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, 2003 6:29 am
by werk
So what's the current word with this? I got a high end mac with a cable connection and I'd play the hell out of this. I know i can't be the only one...

Gnu? You still check up on this thread?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2003 12:59 am
by Mystiq
The only problem with this is there's a chance PC and Mac couldn't play together. Though I admit PS2 and PC can play together in various games (and Dreamcast and PC can play together with Quake 3), the network model is different for Kaillera.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 19, 2003 1:31 am
by SzL -X-
Bring back gugu

Linux & Mac OS X Support Of Kaillera Client.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2003 12:48 am
by Gnu
Yes I do Werk (from time to time - just to see if anything does develop). But honestly (and unfortunately), I've lost all hope of this ever happening, and that's truly sad 'cause I know for a fact that Mac gamers would come out from all walks of life and every part of the world just to play it. I know I would that's for sure. However, I am glad to see that there are others like me that want to see this thing happen, but it just seems like to me that... for the developers...... they just either don't want to make the effort, want to go 50 50 with Mac Emu developers, or even tell us what they need it order to get this thing up and running. I mean, it feels like to me that they just don't care enough about us mac gamers to even want to make this a reality. Believe me, if I knew anything about networking and developing mac gaming software, I'd find away myself to somehow do it. But I don't know how that's done or how it works. So I can only say to the developers that we can as a mac gaming community, help out by making contributions to see this thing through. But even saying that I doubt we would get a response. The Best Of Luck To All US, But hope is drifting to nothing fast. Peace!

Re: Linux & MacOS X port of Kaillera Client

PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:28 am
by valli