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Lots of suggestions

Postby Sonicrazy » Sat Aug 14, 2004 4:48 pm

#1: Recently, I came up with a way to stop the "game not found" message. I think that instead of just giving the message to someone who joins the game, the program should give the host the option to a) kick them or b) send them the game to be put in a "temporary" folder, which will be deleted after the game.

I know it might be a hassle for a few people, but with most users on broadband, it shouldn't be a problem. :wink:

Also, sometimes when someone tries to join my game, it gives the "game not found" message even though we have the same game... is there a way to fix this? :|

I also think there should be an option to choose whether the temporary folder should be deleted automatically, and if so, when.

#2: Make it so that you can see who is using what emulator from the chatroom. This would be useful because that way, you can see who you can challenge. :D

#3: Make it so that there are some servers for MAME and some for everything else. Who knows? Maybe it'll draw people away from MAME. :P

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