Kaillera with several emulators in the same window?

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Kaillera with several emulators in the same window?

Postby Wilfrid » Fri Aug 27, 2004 1:47 am

We always have to start an emulator before starting Kaillera netplay.
What if we could begin with Kaillera, and then choose which emulator we'd like to use?
That would be easier if you use several emus.

For example, let's suppose I'm fond of Kawaks and Gens. I first decide to connect with Kawaks, watch on the Kaillera servers if there's some interesting game to play but there's nothing except players on Gens. I want to join, but I have to:
1.exit kaillera
2.exit Kawaks
3.start Gens
4.start Gens Netplay
5.wait the server list
6.connect to the server I saw before
And in most of the cases: it's too late, somebody already joined and I can do nothing except cry over my bad luck.

So if we could use several emus with only one Kaillera window, wouldn't it be much better?
We just would have to chose the emu in addition of the game when we "create a game", and Kaillera would check when we want to join if we can use the emu (like it checks if the r0m is present on the computer).
Would it be too hard to implement?

Anyway, thank you for this great tool that is Kaillera, congratulations for your work.

Postby Kurgan » Sat Aug 28, 2004 3:33 pm

So you're asking for somebody to program some sort of front-end for all the kaillera enabled emulators?

Might be a bit of a chore to update such a thing, but I wonder how hard it would be?

Obviously I won't be making it, but still....
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