MAME32K PLUS v0.82u3.1

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MAME32K PLUS v0.82u3.1

Postby Guest » Mon May 31, 2004 12:31 pm

< MAME32K PLUS 0.82u3.1 >

AVI RECORD (emelaldmame)
: Record Key (F12)
Netplay : Inp files create Button Change ( Lshift + Start )
other Bug Fix

< MAME32K PLUS 0.82u3 >

Add to plus option :
UI Bg Color ( preview )
Transparent UI (preview)
Framerate 60 fps Option ( SmoothMame )

< MAME32K PLUS 0.82u2 >

All Bug FIx

Kaillera Support
Kaillera chat [space bar key]
Kaillera play Swap [F5 key ,and Lshift + F5, Lshift + F6 ]
UI transperant
Show Command data
Graphic Scale Effect [option menu] ->[advanced]
Color Menu
Select M68 Core : C or DRC or ASM [option menu] ->[misc]
dariusg, gekirido Fix
Show Total Frame and Game play Time [pageUP key]
Frame Boost [ pageDown Key]
Sound Record [ Delete Key]

Show Gamelist speedup

data files Folder ("history.dat, mameinfo.dat, cheat.dat, command.dat" into "data" folder)

5096 games support

by Kaze, DarkCoder (korea only - sorry)


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