MAME32K PLUS v0.82u3.3

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MAME32K PLUS v0.82u3.3

Postby Guest » Tue Jun 01, 2004 12:10 pm

Sorry i'm Broken English ^^;;

< MAME32K PLUS 0.82u3.3 >
AVI RECORD Key Change : [F12] to [HOME] key
PLAY AND AVI RECORD : Does not need inp file, direct to AVI file create
[HOME] Key

< MAME32K PLUS 0.82u3.2 >
Bug Fix : don't playback record While Single play
Problem a Option windows does Black in Xp
Indicate Icon in Wondows Mode

< MAME32K PLUS 0.82u3.1 >

AVI RECORD (emeraldmame)
: Record Key (F12)
Netplay : Inp files create Button Change ( Lshift + Start )
other Bug Fix

< MAME32K PLUS 0.82u3 >

Add to plus option :
UI Bg Color ( preview )
Transparent UI (preview)
Framerate 60 fps Option ( SmoothMame )

< MAME32K PLUS 0.82u2 >

All Bug FIx

Kaillera Support
Kaillera chat [space bar key]
Kaillera play Swap [F5 key ,and Lshift + F5, Lshift + F6 ]
UI transperant
Show Command data
Graphic Scale Effect [option menu] ->[advanced]
Color Menu
Select M68 Core : C or DRC or ASM [option menu] ->[misc]
dariusg, gekirido Fix
Show Total Frame and Game play Time [pageUP key]
Frame Boost [ pageDown Key]
Sound Record [ Delete Key]

Show Gamelist speedup

data files Folder ("history.dat, mameinfo.dat, cheat.dat, command.dat" into "data" folder)

5096 games support

by Kaze, DarkCoder (korea only - sorry)

Wait for I'll make for English Page


Postby Kurgan » Thu Jun 03, 2004 8:15 pm

Is this emulator ITSELF in English? Or do you have the option to use english in the emulator menus?

Also, if there is an english translation of the readme included that would be awesome.

PS: Download link doesn't work. : (
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Postby Guest » Fri Jun 04, 2004 9:33 pm

Itself English

language file support, just Tab menu UI

download server bad...

Mouse Right Click -> Save as



Elglish Homepage to

WIP : Zinc 3D renderer to Mame Test, good framerate

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