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Postby Mystinq » Mon Jan 20, 2003 2:07 am

I can't... they are so cheap the way they play. with or without autofire,
so I'm just whining trying to get some attention.

Postby Mystiq » Mon Jan 20, 2003 9:22 am

Oooh you haven't flamed me in quite some time, toqer. Feeling the need to release some of that pent up energy? :)

And I'm not arguing that point. If I could beat them back with autofire, I wouldn't bother. The main thing being MAME's autofire isn't as fast as some controllers....
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Postby Kurgan » Mon Jan 20, 2003 10:09 am

In the end, making it easy for the Host of the game to decide whether or not autofire is enabled or not (disabled, and nobody can use it in game, period) would solve this problem for 99% of players.

Well I grew up using computers not consoles....

You'll note that Mame is 100% arcade games, none of which (to my knowledge) were designed for use with a keyboard.

Rather, joysticks, steering wheels, lightguns, flight yokes, knobs/paddles, and other joystick-like controllers were what was used in the original games. The unique "feel" of these games just isn't the same with a keyboard and mouse.

Until the FPS craze really took root, the "best" controller for most computer games (except the typing based ones like MUDS and text adventures) was always the joystick/gamepad. Fastest, easiest to use, most comfortable, etc.

Granted, if you're used to playing everything with a keyboard, you might consider that more comfortable, but most games were designed with a joystick in mind (or a mouse, but not just a keyboard until it became fashionable to design FPS games with the keyboard+mouse combo in mind).

So, if you're playing Mame (or any arcade game emulator... FinalBurn Alpha, Modeler, Nebula, Kawaks, etc), you're actually playing joystick-intended games for the most part, and if you're playing Gens, you're playing mostly gamepad intended games. Use whatever you feel most comfortable with, but joysticks are closer to the real thing, nuff said.
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